KJ Haywood Guest Speaks on a Podcast About Careers in Cybersecurity

Join KJ Haywood on the Global Career Tech Education Podcast with Sylvester Chisom: How To Prepare Students For Careers In Cybersecurity and AI Global Career Tech Education Ep. 37

In episode 37 of the Global Career Tech Education Podcast, host Sylvester Chisom engages with special guest Kimberly ‘KJ’ Haywood for an insightful discussion on the intersection of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Haywood, a renowned expert in the field, delves into the importance of incorporating AI and cybersecurity into educational curricula, emphasizing cultural sensitivity and the emerging role of cybersecurity psychology. The episode provides a comprehensive overview of current industry trends, future job market opportunities, and the necessity for educators to adapt to evolving technological landscapes.

Topics Covered:
-Global Opportunities for Young Cybersecurity Talent
-Future-Proofing Careers in an AI-Driven World
-Incorporating AI into Cybersecurity Education
-The Ethical Use of AI in Education
-Cybersecurity Psychology: A Lucrative Emerging Field

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1 thought on “KJ Haywood Guest Speaks on a Podcast About Careers in Cybersecurity”

  1. Hi!
    I thought it was a great show and lots of good insight. Would you have any recommendations for IT PMs breaking into this field or industry?

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