We understand that your top priority is managing your business, covering everything from sales to compliance, onboarding, and overseeing daily operations.

Imagine the advantages of collaborating with an AI Strategy Development consultant to craft a customized AI governance plan, or partnering with an AI Ethics and Compliance Auditing expert to guarantee that your AI initiatives adhere to the most rigorous ethical and compliance standards. These services align with the presence of a dedicated professional for professional development, or a cybersecurity advisor specializing in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)—all strategically designed to enhance your operational efficiency and strategic initiatives

What We Offer

Could your business benefit from the support of an expert?

Nomad Cyber Concepts is the right partner to help.

Nomad was formed to be your right-hand, trusted advisor in key positions to move your company forward. We lead our clients to success through our platform of seasoned consultants committed to sharing their knowledge, training expertise, and real-life experience preventing and overcoming cyber threats and risks.

Our core service areas are:

Professional Development & Business Advisory Services

Risk Advisory Services, specializing GRC Training and Development

Artificial Intelligence Governance

We deliver engagement with all levels of your team.

Professional Development & Business Consultants

Our consultancy team brings a depth of knowledge and technology savvy to train your team to recognize and react to changes on the cyber landscape.

Standards and Best Practices

Review and advise the development of enterprise-wide security standards, policies and procedures to undergird best governance and risk practices. 

Our advisors collaborate with your team to reduce risk while increasing operational efficiency.

Risk Advisory Services

Identify and manage risk exposure, embedding a robust Governance, Risk Management and Compliance requirements across processes and technologies.

Security Proposal Evaluation

Evaluate third-party vendor proposals and SOWs to determine appropriateness of costs, viability of proposed technology.

Security Assessment Audits

Review security controls and assess audit methodologies to determine suitability to client’s business operations, industry standards, and contract requirements.

Unlocking AI Excellence: Our Comprehensive Services

We specialize in AI services that encompass risk mitigation, trust building, regulatory adherence, enhanced understandability, increased accountability, and stakeholder confidence. Our commitment to transparent and ethical AI practices ensures optimal outcomes for your organization.

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